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Lower Wharfedale Ramblers

Guidance for Members and Walk Leaders




In general, when leaders consider an exercise of their discretion to allow or disallow the participation of members and non-members in our walks, it is reasonable that there should exist a presumption of good health and a presumption of adequate capacity and that the member or non-member has both sufficient for the walk in contemplation.


This is an evaluation which normally provides our leaders with little difficulty.  


However, if a person is clearly identified as a person who is unable to independently  look after himself or herself throughout the course of a walk, it then becomes a matter beyond the discretion of the leader and the main carer of  a person so identified, or a person appointed by the main carer, should accompany the identified person on walks if the participation of that  person is to continue.  


The committee of Lower Wharfedale Ramblers will make interventions on behalf of our walking groups concerning such members on a case by case basis.


The conditions required by committee for considering making an intervention are :


That a walk leader, supported by at least two members of the the group, (or if joint leaders, one member), shall write to the committee by email or otherwise to advise that a named person is unable to independently look after himself or herself throughout the course of a walk and request that an intervention be made.


Upon a request for intervention by the committee being received, the committee will consider the position and make a determination and an intervention as necessary.



All walk leaders should:


  • Reconnoitre the route so that he/she is confident in leading the walk at a suitable pace in the time available, with appropriate rests.

  • Try to arrange the start of the walk to co-ordinate with public transport, and give public transport information when required.

  • Announce at the start that no one should walk ahead of the Leader without permission.

  • Count the number of walkers at the start and check numbers regularly. He/she should appoint a back marker who knows the route and carries a whistle.

  • Reserve the right not to accept in the party anyone he/she considers to be inadequately equipped.

  • Ensure, whilst the walk is crossing or walking along roads, that standard safety rules are observed.

  • Carry the following equipment as appropriate to the terrain: map, compass, simple first aid kit, whistle, torch, watch, spare energy-giving food, spare clothing, survival bag & mobile phone

  • Be prepared to alter their plans to suit the circumstances, e.g. bad weather or accident.

  • Arrange toilet stops as necessary along the route.

  • Try to give information of historical, geographical or environmental interest on the walk.

  • Report footpath obstructions to the appropriate Group Footpath Officer, see below.

  • Understand that the aim of rambling is enjoyment, not merely achievement.




  • Let the Leader lead, do not walk in front of the Leader unless asked to do so.

  • Walkers should be adequately equipped, wearing suitable footwear, and carrying clothing appropriate to the weather conditions. Food and drink should be brought on full-day rambles.

  • Members and walkers are reminded that they attend walks in this Programme at their own risk and that they are responsible for their own safety.

  • Dogs are not allowed on Lower Wharfedale Groups walks, due to the risk of encountering cattle.

  • Alterations or additions to the Programme will, if possible, be published in the West Riding Rambler, and on the WR Area Website, or local Press.

  • Full programmes of some Group walks may be obtained from Group Secretaries, see above.

  • Please consider volunteering to lead a walk by contacting our Walks Co-ordinator or a Committee member listed on the Contacts page.

  • In severe weather conditions the walk may be cancelled. If in doubt, phone the Leader

  • Walkers must be aged 18+, or accompanied by an adult with parental responsibility.